Providing Our Senior Community with Support Tools Empowering Them to Take a Proactive Stance
with Their Health

We Offer the Following Services

Outreach Team  
        We are a liaison between our Patients, Specialists and other Community Resources  
               Well Versed in Community Resources and Non-profit Organizations

Health and Fitness
        Come Check out our Zumba Gold, Brain Exercise and Meditation Classes
               Health Screenings provided at Senior Apartments, Senior Centers, and Community Events

Social and Emotional
         Monthly Senior Mixers and Annual Holiday Celebrations 

         Diabetes, Chronic Diseases and Nutrition Classes
     Citizenship Classes

With Experience Comes Great Understanding of what Seniors Patients Need and What Best Serves their Unique Health Care Needs

Compassionate & Bilingual Care Team 
               Caring Professionals Help Provide Greater Comfort With In-Language Quality Care

Easy Access to Medical Providers 
                Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week via Cell Phone or by 24 Hour Answering Service

Multiple Clinic Locations 
                  Integrated EMR System Allows Patients Access to all AMG IPA Clinic Locations

Comprehensive and Individualized Appts 
        Time Dedicated to Ensure Patients Clearly Understand Medical Conditions and Treatment Plans 

        Ongoing Monitoring of Routine & Chronic Conditions 
         Practice Preventative Care and Encourage (Bi)Annual Physicals

Assistance Scheduling all Medical Appt
 Friendly Staff Help Making Appointments Easy and Convenient to Ensure Continuum of Care

Transportation Assistance 
                    Receive Transportation Assistance for Our Clinics and Specialist Appointments